Becoming an Architect | My RIBA Part 3 Exam Experience

    RIBA ARB Part 3 Exam – the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture (ADPPA)

    This post is for anyone who is interested in registering with RIBA and ARB as a chartered Architect. I passed my exam a few months ago and I thought I would share my research and experience for those who are interested. Since there are many Part 3 courses you can enrol and each has different criteria on submissions, I am only focusing on the course I took which is titled RIBA Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture (Part 3) by the Royal Institute of British Architects. If you are not taking the exact course, don’t worry some information below is still relevant. Feel free to jump to different sections. Read more


    Stroll in the Park


    Hello all! Welcome to my first post! I can’t believe my favourite month has passed so quickly. I had a stroll in the park a few days ago during Chinese New Year holiday after a big submission. The weather was just perfect, I wandered through the garden maze and sat down on the nearest wooden bench and had a mini reflection on looking at my drawings and physical models options. I also did something unusual which I start sketched out an Action Plan Template for myself which I am excited to share this out, the colour palette was inspired by the park. I test printed on cartridge paper and recycled paper, both work great actually. I have always written things I need to do on my notebook, but I want something I could stick it on my desk, which I can fill it in the morning every day. 

    I can totally see the year of rooster 2017 is the radical change and the year to be excellent in management both at work and outside of work. I have also been thinking to create a blog for a while but since I am an Olympic procrastinator outside work, it didn’t happen until now. I could stare at the Flamingos in the park and be thinking the reason I procrastinate and begin to start with the “what if” kind of questions or even the name the blog, shall I call it Assemblages which borrowed from Deleuze? What about the Absolute blog? This is why setting deadlines are great otherwise this is absolutely not going anywhere. After several debates, I decide not to make it too complex for now, the reason of me starting a blog is really a personal journal engaging the audience and it’s really a hobby so let’s keep it simple. I think the Action list could definitely organise my outside work too.



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