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Museum of Capitalism (01) in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour

If one was to explore the capitalistic root of Hong Kong, then look no further than the Victoria Harbour. Right after the first band of British officers landing on the Hong Kong Island, a land survey commenced right away. Along the original shoreline in 1841, a strip of 100 Marine Plots and an indefinite number of Inland Lots were planned to be surveyed, documented and carefully mapped under the management of the Crown Land System.


This commodification of land marked subsequent capitalistic exploitations of the Hong Kong peninsula until today. All Hong Kong land documents had to be reported to the central office at the Hall of Victoria Land Office.

Sun Yat-Sen Museum (previously the Hall of Victoria Land Office), 7 Castle Road, Mid-Levels, Central, Hong Kong, T 852 2367 6373,

Theory Tram Ride

A number of traditional Hong Kong tram interior have been modified into coffee houses, dining rooms, interactive forums for discussions concurrently weaving into urban fabrics during the ride. The Ride frequently invites cutting-edge specialists to elucidate their worlds and to discuss current developments both in theoretical and real-world political economy. Each participant will bring their own agenda and stories of the city to share their ideas.



That’s why the 40-min tram route is different for every ride as it is decided afresh every day. During the tour, participants are welcome to get off and explore on foot to little corners and talk to the locals. All discussions on trams will be documented which contribute to the archive of the city. Theory Ride #1: David Harvey on End of Capitalism, Ride #2: Immanuel Wallerstein on the World-System & Capitalism, more coming on

The narrative has been developed during the competition of “Museum of Capitalism”,  MOC on Shenzhen, please visit here. In case you miss the argument, please visit here 






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