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Museum of Capitalism (02) in Shenzhen

Special Economic Observatory

Over the top of the Lianhua (Lotus) Mountain in the new political and economic centre of Shenzhen, one can enjoy a panoramic scene of the ever growing cityscape after an exercising climb. The famous Deng Xiaoping statue is hidden right behind this view, overlooking the urban axis together with spectators. This new observatory invites all to monitor the next stage of the experiment of the Special Economic Zone in material forms – the physical architecture of the urban theatre.


Embraced by the restored wild landscape of Lianhua Mountain, this branch of the Museum pays high tribute to a return to the geopolitical links to the land and nature.

Special Economic Observatory (Shenzhen Branch), Peak of Lianhuashan Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, T 755 8306 7950, for more urban progress reports:


Shenzhen Stock Exchange

How would you design a stock exchange and represent capitalism in a socialist country? How would you display money in the midst of global austerity measures and financial scandals? Or create a sense of stability and order in the volatile world of the financial markets and in the midst of the world’s most dynamic city? Pay a visit to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange opened in 2014 designed by OMA.


The surrealism of the building shape fits its surrounding city, which has made its artificiality its identity. You cannot afford to miss it! The 46-storey (254m) Shenzhen Stock Exchange is a Financial Centre with civic meaning. It engages the city not as an isolated object, but as a building to be reacted to at multiple scales and levels.

2012 Shennan Blvd., Futian District, Shenzhen, P.R.China.
T +86-755-88668888

The narrative has been developed during the competition of “Museum of Capitalism”, post on MOC 01 Hong Kong side please see here. I see the city as the museum, in case you miss the argument, please visit hereThis small project will continue to develop, please stay tuned! However I hope you all get the glimpse, and ideas are always welcome.

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